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Lisa Calder, Director, Medical Care Analytics, Canadian Medical Protective Association

Before taking the Women's Authentic Leadership Program, I felt like I was on a pre-set path which did not feel like my own.  I knew I did not have balance in my life but did not know how to reach for this in a sustainable way.

This course needs to be experienced to be believed.  Transformational is not an overstatement.  Annick has a rare and special talent to bring together a group of women and nurture them to connect to themselves to a degree that they leave not only inspired but forever changed toward leading a more full and authentic life. 

I now have a career which is fulfilling and rewarding but it is not my whole life.  I now take care of myself, meditation and self-reflection is routinely integrated into my life.  I feel more balanced and able to enjoy all aspects of life.  I feel hopeful for the future and powerful in the sense that I know how to follow my intuition and make my own choices.


Christine, Manager, Health Canada

Before taking the Women's Authentic Leadership Program, I struggled with finding balance with work and family and I questioned my ability to lead at work and at home.

During the program, I learned to trust my insight.  We all have it within us to lead, we just need to tap into it and looking within ourselves.

As a result of the program, I trust that I can and will accomplish what I set as my goal.  I feel empowered and re-energized.  


Carole, Director, Health Canada

After going through the Women's Authentic Leadership Program, I feel more self-aware and more empowered.  It has had a positive impact on my leadership style and in achieving a satisfying work-life balance.

Anatasia Rogaeva, Policy Analyst, Health Canada

Before taking the Women's Authentic Leadership Program I was unaware of the inner self that was trying to emerge. 

During the Program, I became open to the possibility, with the guiding light of the people around me and became aware of my potential and areas where I could benefit to be "unstuck".

I have gained insight into my inner self and lit a guiding light to my life-long journey. 


Nina Jetha, Manager, Public Health Agency of Canada

Before working with Annick,  I doubted my skills and abilities as a leader.  I often felt like I was swimming with the sharks and that I would get eaten up alive.   Although my project was successful at work and I was well respected by my colleagues and supervisors, I doubted myself to the point of being paralysed by feelings of inadequacy.  

By providing feedback and guidance in real time, Annick helped me push myself past any pre-set boundaries or limitations that I had set up for myself.  She was my number one fan and she believed in me!  As a result of her confidence in me as a leader, I started to believe it too.  She gave me the  space to hear my own voice and as a result, I had more confidence to take the necessary action to achieve my goals.  

Not only did Annick guide important decisions related to my performance and relationships at work but, through her, I have gained confidence in my abilities to be a female leader. She created a fundamental shift in my approach at  work.  I have more self confidence, I am more assertive and resilient,  and as a result, I am able to bring the true 'me' to work.

Caroline Blais, Director, Environment Canada

Before working with Annick, I was at the end of my professional rope dealing with a particularly challenging HR issue.  I was so lost that I second and triple guessed every action and word which was exhausting.  For the first time in my life, I did not want to go to work.

During the coaching program, I realized that I was trying to control and change everything about me such as my behavior, the way I talk, the way I AM. Doing this only perpetuated the vortex I was in. The more I tried to control the more out of control I felt.  Annick helped me realize that I have everything I need inside me to move forward in a positive way and I need to listen to what my body is saying.  She guided me into tapping that strength.  It was so effortless and I saw instant results. 

After going through the coaching program, situations such as a difficult HR situation do not have the same hold on me.  I can manage the situation with an inner strength and calmness.  Now I get that outside situation do not have to dictate who I am.  My work with Annick helped me be better leader at work and outside of work. 

Elspeth Gullen, Legal Counsel, Treasury Board Secretariat

Annick has had a profound  impact on me both personally and professionally. She is authentic, warm,  articulate, intelligent and incredibly giving in what she does. If you have a chance to work with Annick grab the opportunity! 

Negar Hashemi, Legal Counsel, Justice Canada

Annick works with clarity, courage, and compassion.  Her commitment to us together with her convictions in making a difference touched my life. I can say with certainty that she has made the public service a better place.  

Carole Willans, Legal Counsel Justice Canada:

With compassion and yet steadfastness, Annick applied her innate wisdom to guiding my steps on the path of a journey of personal and professional growth.  My self-awareness has grown in leaps and bounds, and I am now clear on what I stand for, in the here and now.  I am confident in my leadership, and in what the future holds for me. 

Annick assisted my personal reflection so that I was able to face the fire and connect with my inner wisdom.  Cultivating everyday readiness through a wide range of experiential processes, and dancing with a few surprises, has led to a significant enhancement of my leadership skills.  This was possible thanks to Annick’s practical intelligence, clarity of conviction and generous heart.

I was at a cross-roads in my career, as well as in my personal life. Annick inspired and supported me through personal transformation and healing work that helped me to overcome stress, fear and anxiety so that I learned to gradually set aside behaviours that were unhealthy or no longer serving me.  
Inspired by her example andthat of the others in my group, I gradually learned to better take charge of my own potential and significantly improved my career performance as well as my personal happiness.

Lorraine Edinboro, Legal Counsel, Justice Canada

After my time with Annick, I feel stronger. I am now aware of my limiting  behaviours (that no longer serve me well).
I have become more creative and empowered to choose positive alternative  actions and solutions for various challenges in my career and personal life. 
The result is that I am doing better for myself, my family and my colleagues.