Welcome to Merlia Coaching and Consulting

 Merlia is a bilingual coaching and consulting firm founded by Annick Chénier, who was recently honored with the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medal for her work in leadership development at the Department of Justice. 

 Merlia facilitates meaningful transformation in individuals and collectives through coaching , leadership development and tailored group interventions  that support a process of evolution and growth from the inside out.   

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We engage in  holistic and co-creative processes with our clients to help them  navigate change  and achieve results that are a reflection of their greatest potential.   

We assist our clients to achieve a shift  in mindset  as well as  learn frameworks,  tools and processes that will support them in accessing a level of consciousness where new possibilities reside  and are waiting to be discovered, engaged and realized



Empowering individuals, groups and organizations to awaken to their creative power in the midst of change.