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Inspiring Women to Lead and Live Authentically

Empowering Groups to develop a Culture of Leadership

My name is Annick and I am passionate about inspiring  women to reclaim their innate  power and unique voice as authentic leaders in all areas of their lives.  

The programs I have created  redefine who we are as human beings, as leaders and as women.  This internal shift in how we relate to ourselves automatically and effortlessly can transform who we allow ourselves to BE  and enable us to fully show up in the world, as we were meant to!

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Another great passion I have  is to support groups to work together in a way that generates  authentic conversations and purposeful outcomes, while fostering a culture of leadership.  
The result is increased collective engagement,  transparency, creativity, resilience and emergent solutions to challenges you are facing.  
Are you and your team ready to shift to another level?

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Intro video

Please check out this video if you want to learn more about me  and how I can support you or your team to become connected and aligned to your true purpose.

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About Annick

For the past 18 years, I have been supporting individuals and groups transform the way they live and work, from the inside out, through coaching, leadership development & group facilitation.

I believe that by connecting to our inner power and having the courage to BE the leaders we were meant to be, integrating heart and mind, we will go a long way to shifting the way we live and work. 
I feel most alive, creative, moved, open, awed and inspired when I engage in authentic and transformative conversations that invite others to see what else is possible for themselves!



Do you have a deep desire to reconnect to what is TRUE inside of yourself and author a life that feels authentic?  Do you want to lead yourself and others in a way that is empowered, purposeful, authentic and that evokes potential?



Are you that leader who truly wants to bring out the full potential in their people and realize their greater collective purpose?  Are you curious about how to create conditions where individuals can thrive by engaging in the co-creation of a meaningful future?



Please contact me for a complimentary discovery conversation, where I will help you get clear about your unique challenges, and the vision you have for yourself and/or your team.  I will also be happy to share more about the kind of support that am able to offer you to meet your needs.