Meeting Design and Facilitation

Empowering Groups to Develop and Nurture a Culture of Leadership

 True leaders don't create followers, they create more leaders                                                                                                                                                                           

As the leader of a team, community or organization, do you wonder how you could engage your people in a way that would enable everyone to participate and contribute their best,  while achieving purposeful outcomes ?  

Through an approach to organization effectiveness called Genuine Contact ™ , I offer collaboratively created, custom designed and highly participatory meetings that tap into and engage the collective wisdom of your group to most effectively  move you toward the realization of a common purpose

The stepping stones 

1. Readiness (is this right for you ?)

In this complimentary discovery conversation, I will help you clarify your business goal, leadership needed to achieve the goal, the desired outcomes and the stakeholders that need to be involved for optimal success.  
 More importantly, we will determine if what I have to offer matches what we discovered your needs were.   

2. Engagement (planning)

The meeting sponsor  and his/her designated planning team will meet for up to 3 hours to begin the data gathering process that will inform the design of the meeting.  
This essential step is both part of the engagement and  learning process for the planning team, and ensures that different perspectives are fully considered in the creation of the design.  

2.  Construction (design)

A design is created based on the results of the planning meeting and  is intended to engage the group in a process that is highly participatory, holistic, meaningful and effective. 

3. Implementation (meeting facilitation)

Various methodologies and frameworks are used to optimize learning, authentic engagement and participation.  These custom designed processes maximize   the achievement of outcomes defined by the team.  
These include but are not limited to Whole Person Process Facilitation, Open Space Technology, World Café and Cross Cultural Conflict Resolution.

4. Performance evaluation (debrief and follow-up)

This step closes the loop by identifying learnings and determining next steps to ensure  future continuity of the commitments made in the meeting.

Some catalysts for a meeting:

  • Building a team
  • Mission/vision/values definition
  • Strategic planning
  • Learning to work more collaboratively
  • Moving through and thriving in changing circumstances
  • Creating a culture that is life nurturing
  • Conflict resolution
  • Becoming more effective and innovative
  • Creating more health and balance

These are just a few examples but remember that the possibilities are only limited by the needs of your group/organization!

Is your Team Looking To:

  •  Refocus after having gone through some changes ?
  • Have more authentic connections with each other ?
  • Engage everybody to their fullest potential ?
  • Become innovative, creative and agile ?
  • Try new ways of thinking and working together ?
  • Communicate and connect more effectively  ?
  • Resolve conflict and collaborate toward a common future ?

Are you ready to learn to engage in conversations with your team that will change how you work together, and the outcomes you achieve ? 

 Do you believe that your people hold within them the knowledge and wisdom to transcend the challenges you are facing and co-create a new future ?

If you would like to learn to lead so others will lead, then this approach is for you !

I help managers and their teams to:

  • Stay focused on their purpose
  • Quickly resolve emerging issues
  • Be open to trends in the environment to be ahead of the game
  • Foster engagement, creativity and innovation
  •  Break down silos and create a collaborative culture
  • Simultaneously attend to the business and the people in the organization
  • Get unhooked from the past and fully move into a new future
  • Lead change while building capacity with state-of-the-art practices and tools
  • Foster leadership at all levels

If you are open and ready to dive into a process that will propel your group to another level, please contact me for an initial discovery conversation

Other benefits include:

  • Greater clarity around purpose and intended results
  • Engages and motivates the participating community
  • Creates conditions for creative solutions to emerge
  • Cross pollination of ideas
  • Open processes for maximum freedom and creativity to occur
  • Encourages self-responsibility and participation
  • Builds capacity by teaching frameworks and processes
  • Facilitation process is developed specifically to achieve intended results
  • Encourages groups to become more strategic and innovative