Becoming a leader is synonymous with becoming yourself

Becoming a leader is synonymous with becoming yourself

Women's  Authentic Leadership

Coaching Group
Level 1

   Lead from what Makes you                                Unique      
  Create Success on your Terms

As a professional woman, would you like to: 

  • Discover your unique leadership style?
  • Achieve a greater sense of balance in all areas of your life?
  • Feel more energized and inspired from the inside out?
  • Have an experience of work/life that better aligns with what is most important to you?
  • Create success without compromising yourself?
  • Develop the confidence to bring our best self forward in all areas of your life?

If this calls to you and you are ready for all of YOU to show up in your life, then you are at the right place

What is the Women's Authentic Leadership Coaching Group?

This highly experiential program is an opportunity for an intimate group of 10 women to come together and discover who they have the possibility to BE as leaders. 
Rather than struggling to fit yourself into pre-existing models of leadership, these conversations will invite a connection to who you are authentically and how that can translate into a unique expression of yourself as leader  in all areas of your life.  
The point of entry for these coaching conversations will be the participants’ direct experience as it relates to meaningful circumstances in their lives.   Experiential learning methodologies include: collaborative inquiry, coaching, teaching and practices.  

What will you learn ?

You will learn principles, tools and practices to:

  1. Tap into your unique vision of leadership
  2. Develop the courage to be the full expression of the leader within
  3. Free yourself from what is holding you back from fully expressing your vision
  4.  Develop the internal flexibility and resilience to navigate change
  5. Develop the ability to innovate and see new possibilities for action
  6. Connect to what energizes and inspires you as a source of guidance and wisdom
  7. Create balance within and consequently, in all areas of your life
  8.  Effectively respond to internal and external conflict from an expanded perspective
  9.  Engage others in an open and transparent manner that creates engagement and trust

Additional benefits of participating in Group Coaching 

  • Group coaching is  an excellent way to break the isolation that we often feel by going at it alone .  It creates a sense of community, expands your network and develops authentic relationship that are likely to last long after the group is completed !

  • Each woman in the group becomes a mirror for what is happening inside of you, which exponentially increases the possibility for growth and evolution.  You learn and garner so much inspiration  from each other !

  • When you bring together a group of like-minded women with a common intention, you create a wealth of knowledge, wisdom and experience that everyone can tap into.

  • Feel inspired, encouraged (en-courage) and supported by the group to take bold action, keep your commitments and take bigger risks that will bring you closer to your goals !




The group will meet in person one full day a month over a 4 month period.  Each day starts at 900 AM and ends at 400 PM.
The group will contain a maximum of 10 women for an optimal learning experience.

In addition, each participant will receive three, 30 minutes individual coaching sessions over the 4 months.

Emails with teaching and practices will also be sent between each meeting day to continue supporting your development in between the in person days. 

Who should attend?

The program is designed for professional women who want to feel empowered to create success on their terms by tapping into their own authentic style of leadership in all areas off their lives. 

When and where?

 Join us in a glorious natural setting in Old Chelsea (minutes from the Nordik spa and 12 minutes from downtown Ottawa).   

Please contact me for to learn about the next offering.

How do I register or learn more ?

Please contact me to schedule a  complimentary Authentic Leadership coaching conversation that will help you:

  • Begin to identify the vision of what being an authentic leader means for you
  • Uncover hidden challenges that may be keeping you from embodying that emerging vision
  •  I will give at  least one easy step you can take to help you move forward 
  • We will identify what your learning needs are and determine  if this program is a good fit for you. 

I look forward to connecting with you !

Here is what one past participant had to say about the Program:

"This course needs to be experienced to be believed.  Transformational is not an understatement..."  Read more here