Authentic Living for Women

Coaching Group


Create a life from the INSIDE OUT that is aligned with your AUTHENTIC SELF



Are you sometimes faced with:

  •  Feeling conflicted inside between what you want and what  you believe is expected  of you?  

  • Feeling  exhausted from living a life that feels out of balance?   

  • Don’t know where to begin to create  a life that feels aligned  with who you REALLY are?  

If so, my Authentic Living for Women Coaching Program is for YOU !

Benefits of being in a group

  • Meaningful and authentic relationships are created. This breaks feelings of isolation, guilt and possibly shame over our experiences.
  • Every participant  benefits from each coaching session, as we are all a mirror for one another. 
  • We are encouraged ("in courage") to leap out of our comfort zone, knowing we are not alone !
  • We learn from each other and grow from what the conversations awaken inside of us, and by exploring new possibilities together 
  • The transformation process continues within each participant between sessions as they move through their world in new and authentic ways. 
  • In my experience,  women coming together generates exponential growth for every person involved as a collective field of intention for awakening to oneself is created.   

When and Where ?

The next group is scheduled to begin on Saturday November 28th, 2015 and continues  every last Saturday of the month until May 2016,  for a total of 6 full days (900 AM to 400 PM) over a 6 month period.  

The location is beautiful old Chelsea, nestled in the woods - 12 minutes from downtown Ottawa and around the corner from the Nordik Spa.  

Is this right for me ?

Please contact me for a no obligation, complimentary discovery conversation where I will help you get clear about your current challenges, and where you would like to be after such a group.  This will help in determining if this coaching group is right for you.  


I also invite you to join my monthly Women's Circle.   Please click here for the next gathering.



















As a woman, do you want to:

  • Create a nurturing and supportive relationship with yourself
  •  Identify and let go of the masks you have created 
  • Invite and allow your true inner voice to be heard and expressed in the world. 
  • Set boundaries that create space inside to CHOOSE your life
  • Learn to recognize and listen your internal wisdom
  • Create a lasting connection to your natural and unique inner flow
  • Feel empowered to create a meaningful life

What is group coaching ?

Groups coaching is a process where up to 10  like-minded women come together to explore, discover and learn to embody their Authentic Self, who they are at the core and who you were meant to be in this world.  

Over a period of six months, the groups meets one full day every month, for a total of 6 days.

In this group coaching process, your direct experience in your life is what leads the process.  You will get to evolve based on where you are and where what you would like t create in the future, from the inside out.   In that way, it is extremely personalized.  

Each participant will have the opportunity for  individual coaching during each face to face group meeting.   The beauty of group coaching is that every participant  benefits from each coaching session, as we are all a mirror for one another. 

Different themes such as identity, awareness and choice, aligning all parts of you, to name a few,   are explored, teachings are provided that meet the unique needs of the group.  You will also get   tools and practices to support each woman's greater intention to wake up to yourself.