Individual Coaching

Empowering Women to Lead Authentic Lives

As a woman...

  • Do you sometimes feel stuck in a life, relationship or job that does not feel aligned with who you REALLY are?
  • Do you long for more meaning, connection and authenticity in your life?
  • Do you feel trapped by patterns of behavior that no longer serve you?
  • Have you achieved many of the things you thought would make you happy and, still, happiness eludes you?
  • Have you lost the connection with your desires, dreams and aspirations? 
  • Do you feel like there is more to life, but are unsure how to access it?
  • Are you ready to live your life by design instead of by default?

If you are committed to your evolution and are ready for all of YOU to show up in your life, then you are at the right place!

Are you ready to...                        

  • Identify and release the root cause of problems you are facing ?
  •  Access and listen to that authentic voice inside ?
  •  Know the difference between who you really are and your habits ?
  • Access new perspectives and possibilities for action ?
  • Become the author of your life rather than merely an actor in someone else’s ?

The time is NOW to choose yourself and be fully engaged in the creation of YOUR life!

I believe that  each individual has the innate wisdom and capacity to rediscover their natural  state of Being and to create a life that is a reflection of the immensity of their potential.  

We  can learn to identify and release the limitations that keep us hidden and small and shine fully into the world.  

  Other benefits include...

  •  Greater sense of connection to Self 
  • Increased  ability to communicate in a transparent manner
  • Greater sense of inner freedom from reactive patterns of the past
  • Expanded creative ability
  • Deeper sense of trust in oneself and in life
  • Increased courage (living from the heart)
  • Greater ability to strive in the face of change
  • Closer connection to inner authentic voice
  • Sense of empowerment that comes from living from the inside out
  • More authentic and meaningful relationships
  • Expanded awareness andperspective that invites new solutions
  • Reduced level of stress and greater sense of peace and joy

Please contact me for a complimentary discovery conversation to learn more about this program and find out  if this process is right for you.